Individual Therapy

Are you feeling stuck? Anxious? Depressed? Overwhelmed? Maybe you don’t have words for your struggle just yet — just physical sensations in your body or images in your mind’s eye. Regardless of what brings you in, we will work together to find your narrative and make space for the many facets of your inner life.

Therapy is a place for inquiry and finding meaning. Whether you are hoping to better understand your relationship patterns, process past and/or ongoing trauma, explore shifts in your identity, make a difficult decision or choose your next step(s), I bring a curious and warm presence to your exploration.

I use a trauma informed and mindful approach in my work which means we will let your process unfold at your own pace, perhaps slowing down in moments to get a more embodied sense of your experience. I work relationally and view connections to self and others as integral parts of every person’s learning and healing. The intersection of your various identities are fundamental to your connections to self and others, thus, I consider power and privilege and the social location(s) of each individual as I work to understand your path towards healing. 

I’ve worked with people at many stages in their journey. If this is your first time in therapy or you’ve had multiple experiences prior to now - whether your previous experiences were helpful or not - I encourage you to reach out for a free 20 minute consultation if anything you’ve read resonates.