Are you and your partner having trouble communicating, intervening on a pattern or cycle, or navigating a shift or transition in your relationship? Are the intersection of you and your partner’s identities a source of ongoing stress and/or conflict? These are all things that we can explore together in relationship therapy. I make space for each partner to tap into and express their internal experience in an effort to create more transparency, connection, and authenticity in relationships. Through embodied exercises and development of individual and relationship-oriented coping skills, I support relationship partners in identifying obstacles and shifting how they relate to and cope with those obstacles.


Has something happened in your family that has created conflict, disconnection, or anxiety and depression in one or more members? Is there a specific, or ongoing, issue between you and one of your family members that you have had difficulty addressing and/or resolving? I work with parent/child dyads, whole families, and siblings, depending on your needs, to identify the source of conflict and ways of communicating more openly and productively. I consider developmental stage, cultural context, and the role of power and authority in familial relationships.


While poly, nonmonogamous, and open relationship issues often overlap with issues that arise in any other relationship, they also have their own unique set of themes and/or difficulties. I provide space for your relationship constellation(s) to explore issues around boundaries, communication, shifting dynamics, and differing needs between partners. I support folks new to nonmonogamy as well as those who have been nonmonogamous for years.


Reach out for a free 20 minute phone consultation if you are seeking relationship therapy and feel we may be a good fit.